Mentor Program Announced

We know that completing a certification program and diving into the world of family-centered maternity care can be intimidating. That’s why we’re excited to announce the newest ICEA benefit, our Mentor Program!

If you have a passion for supporting others, or if you need a little guidance on your journey to becoming a Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, or Postpartum Doula, then there is a space for you! Please read below or visit our website for further information. Or, feel free to email with any questions!

Mentors will work with individuals who have joined ICEA and are working through the certification process. They will help guide and assist the individuals by offering encouragement, suggestions, and direct one on one attention throughout the process.

A mentor will be expected to:

  • Check their email at least three times per week and respond within 48 hrs to all messages received from those they are mentoring.
  • Connect with each person they are mentoring at least once per month to see how that person is progressing. The mentor is expected to offer guidance, encouragement and be that direct link that a new doula or educator may need.
  • Keep accurate records of all interactions with the individual(s) they are mentoring and report those interactions to the ICEA mentorship representative within the last week of each month using the online form provided.
  • Direct any questions they do not know how to answer to the appropriate ICEA staff or mentorship program representative.

To view the requirements for individuals interested in becoming a mentor, please visit our website.

We hope you will consider becoming a mentor. Your knowledge and expertise is needed!

Learn More

ICEA offers free experienced mentors to individuals who have joined the certification program and are working through the training and certification process. 

Mentors will be available via email to answer questions, offer guidance and be that direct link between the certification candidate and ICEA. Plus, they will check in with each candidate at least once per month to help keep the candidate motivated, encouraged, and on the path to being certified.

Join the program to receive support on your certification journey!

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