Circle Around the ICEA Awards

I’ll bet you know someone who you have always thought should be recognized for their excellence and contributions to childbirth education, doula and/or breastfeeding work and support. Someone who exhibits the ICEA Core Values of Compassion, Collaboration and Choice.

Now is the time to shine a light on your exceptional colleague.

The ICEA board has reinvigorated our awards and you’ll want to be a part of this exciting celebration.

The nomination process begins now! And we want to hear about your amazing colleagues.

Please see the nomination details and mail your nominations to by March 16, 2018

The honorees will be announced at the Louisville, Kentucky Conference, April 19-21, 2018 during the General Sessions. Register now so you can be part of these exciting and inspirational honors.

Please nominate someone you know for the following awards:

The Circle C Award
A member who demonstrates the ICEA core values by approaching maternity care with:

  1. Compassion: nurturing spirit improves birth outcomes for all families.
  2. Collaboration: based on the knowledge that mindful engagement with diverse groups advances positive, family-centered maternity care. Examples would be with working collaboratively with broad and varied members in the workplace and health care setting, community and professional organizations.
  3. Choice: practicing and promoting a culture of freedom of choice by of empowering expectant families through informed decision-making. An example of this would be a member stepping outside of their personal values and encouraging informed choice through broader decision making.

Childbirth Educator
For the ICEA certified childbirth educator who demonstrates excellence, enthusiasm and innovation.

For the ICEA certified doula who demonstrates excellence, enthusiasm and innovation.

For the ICEA member who demonstrates excellence, enthusiasm and innovation in breastfeeding and support of the WHO code.

Sister Circle
For a public persona or figure who supports and promotes ICEA core values.

See you in Louisville,

Colleen Weeks LCCE, FACCE, CLE, CSE, RTS
ICEA Director of Marketing

Submit Your Nomination

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