An Invitation from the President

An Invitation to the 2016 ICEA Conference:

Reaching the Highest Peaks in Evidence Based Practice


It is definitely conference season – and there are so many childbirth conferences from which to choose.  How do you decide which one to attend? Where can you get the most for every dollar you spend?

The answer is so simple in 2016 – the ICEA Annual Conference!

Of course, as President, I am naturally biased.  I am so confident that you will be too, once you’ve read this blog and get a taste of what ICEA will be presenting this year!

Preconference Workshops – Come to scenic Denver early and choose from the Professional Childbirth Educator Workshop, Birth Doula Workshop, or Postpartum Doula Workshop.  You may also attend one of our new Advanced Professional Workshops: the Early Lactation Care Workshop or the Tools For Success Workshop (Part 1:  or Part 2: PowerPoint ~Creativity, Productivity, Professionalism)

Keynote Speakers – ICEA is extremely proud to present our keynote speakers, Jennie Joseph LM CPM, Barbara Harper RN, CD, CCE, and Rep. Kelly Townsend.  Read about their rich history and the expertise that they will be bringing to Denver!

Maternal Child Health Specialist Certificate – Every attendee who attend all of Jennie Joseph’s General Sessions will receive a certificate as a Maternal Child Health Specialist – FREE.  This series of sessions will equip all to understand their local and regional resources to help all women, and in particular those women and babies who are at particular risk for poor outcomes. This is the first time this certificate program has been offered at an international conference and we are extremely proud to offer this as a benefit of attendance!

Concurrent Session Speakers –Returning to the  ICEA Conference by popular demand are speakers Nicette Jukelevics, speaking about the VBAC Education Project; Colleen Weeks, speaking about professional development and Jana McCarthy, getting and keeping full classes.  Colleen,  Jana, and Elizabeth received the highest evaluation scores ever at an ICEA Conference in 2013 for their presentations!

Learning Labs – ICEA listens to the members!  You’ve been asking for hands-on childbirth educator and doula skills at the conference and our exciting Learning Labs, incorporated in the concurrent session time, will enhance your skill set and help you reach new heights in education. A little like “speed dating”, the Learning Labs give you an opportunity to learn four different skills per Lab Session.  Attend both Learning Labs, and you’ll have the most up-to-date information on eight different skills!

ICEA Member Meeting – all ICEA members are invited to attend! At the ICEA Member Meeting, a Year In Review will be presented by the ICEA Board of Directors.  Additionally, the ICEA Recognition Awards will be given during this time.  These awards include the Doris Haire Lifetime Achievement Award, the Outstanding ICEA Approved Trainer Award, and the ICEA President’s Award.  The deadline to submit a nomination is August 1.  Click here to nominate!

ICEA Member Reception hosted by the President – Join the membership in the Exhibit Hall on Thursday  night for an opportunity to network with other members and meet your ICEA Board of Directors and Committee Member.  Share good food, laughter and enjoy a chance to ask questions of the Board.

Be sure to explore the ICEA conference web pages and register for the conference now!

Written by by Connie Livingston BS, RN, LCCE, FACCE, ICCE

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