The Birth of Birth: People, Places, Perspectives

As you’ll notice, the ICEA Blog has a new name, look and site! We’re so excited to present you with Birth: People, Places, Perspectives.

How did this happen?

We noticed several months ago that the previous format for the ICEA blog was not getting the traffic, interaction or circulation that we wanted it to have. It was also difficult to include pictures, videos, etc. We decided that it would be best to separate the blog from the main ICEA site, thus making it easier to get to and share. After much voting fun to decide on the name, here we are. We really want this to be fun to read, informative and helpful for our ICEA members and readers. It is our goal for you to see new content on a weekly basis. We’re working on a series of posts from Michal Klau-Stevens, The Birth Lady, an ICEA member who will be discussing the challenges of birth advocacy in a medical setting. You’ll also be hearing from Breezy Smid, another ICEA member who has spent a considerable amount of time working in the Dutch birth culture. She will be comparing our standard American way with how things are handled in Holland. And then, of course, you’ll hear from our Director of Lactation, Donna Walls, IBCLC on a regular basis. We are so looking forward to seeing this blog grow and circulate. Remember as you read – sharing is caring!

If you are interested in submitting content for our blog, please send it to

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